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Meet the Artist.  Lots of fun and interesting photos in this album, including three short videos at the end.

Inspired. Seasoned. Mastery. Great music represents, for me, a total and complete sound that plumbs the very depths of human pathos and rises to the heights of inspired expression, catching all the myriad feelings that flow between the forceps and the stone, those unavoidable parenthesis of this temporal passion play.

Great art and music sail intrepidly and gracefully across the millennia, skipping across the planes of time and space like light reflected by the infinite orbs of our perceptive range.

Gary "I Love Creativity" Walker

GW: It All Starts With Catching Some Inspiration.
GARY and HELEN Art Show Poway
BUCKLEY and Me 7/17
Horse Trying To Eat My Shirt?
The Horse Whisperer...
GW Monk
GW, the Frenchman
NOLA 4/17
NOLA 4/17
NOLA 4/17
B 17 Flying Fortress 4/17
B 17 Just Before I Flew In Her...EPIC!
GW at 50 mm Cannon on B 17  April 2017
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