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Gary Walker, Visionary Artist.  All paintings and images Copyrighted 2015.

M & M (48x48)
Yellow Man (48x60)
Dancin' In The Rain (48x36 in., acrylic and oil on canvas)
Nebulae (48x48 in., acrylic on canvas)
Watching The Center (48x48 in., acrylic on canvas)
Five Porpoise (18x24) SOLD
SOLD   Space Station (24x30)
Eternal Triad (36x48 in., acrylic and mixed media on canvas)
Miami Sunrise (24x30) SOLD
Floating In Space (24x30) SOLD
Blue Zoo, acrylic on canvas (42x34)
Safe Harbor, acrylic on canvas (18x24 in.)
Space Angels, acrylic on canvas (36x48 in.)
The Everglades (acrylic on canvas, 24x30)
Flight School (36x48 in)
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