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Gary Walker, Visionary Artist.  All paintings and images Copyrighted 2015.

Kite (48x60 in)
Yacht Club (48x60 in)
A's (48x48 inches)
Bluebird (60x48 inches)
53 Chevy (60x48 inches)
57' Bluebird (diptych, acrylic on canvas 60x96 in)
Yellow Bird In Microwave Sky (60x48, mixed media on 'lace table cloth' over canvas)
Pumpkin Patch (36x48 inches)
Poppy (36x48 inches)
Fractals in the Pumpkin Patch (Diptych, 72x48 inches)
Hibiscus (48x60 inches)
Hidden Circles I (48x48 in)
Paul Klee, Hidden Circles II (48x48 in)
Lavender Splatter (48x48 inches)
Fallic Field (48x48 in., acrylic on canvas)
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