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King and Queen .035 w/Explanation below

The Earth is but a small 'charm' (about the size of a 'pea') on the bracelet of a Queen who's King rules the Eastern Quadrant of The Spectral Universe. 

The King says the Earth and it's inhabitants are a pretty basic and petty lot as they are still mired in, and dominated by, the base instincts, gross passions, and primitive actions of their collective primordial ancestry.

So strong and compulsive are Earthlings' dangerous need to be accepted and admired, that not a few of them will literally do and say anything to attain this ephemeral vision.

So powerful are the pervasive and omnipresent means of mass (mind) control and manipulation, (endlessly streaming in through every orifice in the human body by an insidious media industrial complex) that only a few people are actually capable of dreaming outside the box, much less daring to acting that way.

Think of 'Pavlov's Dog,' (ringing bell) or how elephants are trained by tying strings (chains first) to their powerful legs to control them!  This is how most humans are (en) trained by private and governmental authority figures to blind obedience and rapid compliance. Little do the comatose captives, those sonambulistic puppets staggering on the precipice, realize that they could, at any time, readily and easily break their gossamer shackles and instantly attain their freedom. But with so many comfortably numb people drugged up, dumbed down and self entitled, it's hard to realize that one's freedom is just a kiss away.

All political and marketing systems throughout Earth's brief history have known this all too well, which is how People become Sheeple, as Earth's history chronicles.  In this epoch, the means and methods for manipulation and control are so sinister and ubiquitous as to be far in advance of any historical precedent.

Many Earthlings still use the limbic (reptilian) portion of the brain (fight or flight, greed, power, control, hyper emotionalism, etc) vs. the more advanced Pre Frontal (Neo) Cortex, with it's higher more evolved elements of creative and conceptual analysis, reason, logic, critical thinking and expression.

All this provides endless amusement for more advanced civilizations monitoring Earth's events, which basically are a devolved continuation of the endless cycles of war, conquest, exploitation, extraction, hording, manipulation, control and corruption. 

Even though there is a continuing and ever expanding cascade of new techno inventions, almost all of them are far ahead of 'man's' relatively stunted evolution and ability to keep these powerful advances in proper perspective and rational context of humanity's basic needs and Earth's overall health.

The Queen says the Earth has to be one of the lowest level school houses in any of the known/unknown UniVerses.

The great mystical poet, Rumi, has the antidote to needless and self imposed bondage in his axiom: “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”  WHY indeed?!

Gary Walker, Installation Artist

Camera Maker:Nikon Corporation
Camera Model:NIKON D7000
Original Time Taken:2015:01:08 11:05:18
Shutter Speed:1/50 sec
ISO Sensitivity:800
Exposure Compensation:0 EV
Metering Mode:Pattern
Flash Fired:No Flash
Focal Length:35 mm

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