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Pondering The Kiss From Above w/Explanation below

While I like Donatello, Michelangelo, Bernini, Caro and Moore, Pierre Auguste Rodin is perhaps my favorite sculptor.  These two statuettes, The Kiss and The Thinker, I believe are two of his greatest pieces.  The Thinker is prominently featured in his iconic and massive seminal creation called The Gates of Hell, which is a huge set of framed doors festooned with many of his wonderful sculptures.

The Kiss and The Thinker are transcendent universal, archetypal images, redolent with great feeling and which any/all beings throughout time and space can relate to. 

One represents the 'heart' and the other the 'head' of humanity.  Much like the Yin/Yang symbol, ( two separate yet integral halves of the same whole) each piece tells a special, uniquely intimate story of anyone who has ever lived, dreamed and hoped.

These two statuettes form the base of my triangle/pyramid, with the old, weather worn mask, representing Higher Power, forming the apex. 

I grew up in a home filled with beautiful antique furniture, Persian carpets, art and statuary, which is where my love of fine sculpture derives from.  We had one very special statue called Fedilino or Thorn Boy, which is a life size Greco/Roman (Helenistic period) bronze statue situated on a hand carved teak pedastal, of a boy removing a thorn from his foot while seated.  Copies of this great work are in the Uffizi, Venice and The Met, NYC.

The metal back drop represents a Cryptic Codex that I imagine to be from another place and another time, in a galaxy far, far away. 

I worked on this piece of metal over a long period of time, using various chemical and abrasive techniques to achieve the desired shapes, colors and textures it now has, to convey the code I envisioned.

There are archetypal symbols in the universal lexicon that are different from what we've been habitually trained/entrained, via endless associations, to consentually agree are the standard modes of conveying ideas and feelings. 

Plunging beneath the surface of this coarse and base realm and residing just beneath the gossamer and evanescent surface of our conscious being and cognition, lie the universal and ubiquitous realms of true substance and eternal ideas which the outward world can in no wise cognize, impart and unfold, and which the more enlightened of us have barely been able to touch the hem of (this garment).

Gary Walker, Installation Artist

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Camera Model:NIKON D7000
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Shutter Speed:1/50 sec
ISO Sensitivity:800
Exposure Compensation:0 EV
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