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Gary Walker, Artist | Abstract Artist  *LEFT CLICK each time to progressively enlarge images.  All paintings and images are Copyrighted 2015.

This section features some of the many gardens I have designed and installed over the years.  These award winning gardens have been featured in not a few periodicals (magazines, news papers, etc).

Versed in many styles, including French, English, Italian/Mediterranean,  country and succulent gardens, my favorite is what I like to call, 'domesticated wild' or 'ordered chaos' (my coined phrases), a personal style that leans towards the natural look and feel, and which belies the thought and effort  that actually went into it.

Rather than painting with acrylics or oils on canvas, I look at garden designing as 'painting with plants' (my coined term).

Gary Walker, Garden Designer/Installer

G 19
G 67
G 70
G Quan Yin Statue
G 3404
G Boulders and Grasses
G 3406
G 3405
G 3402
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