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Gary Walker, Artist | Abstract Artist  *LEFT CLICK each time to progressively enlarge images.  All paintings and images are Copyrighted 2015.

Over the many years I have remodeled and built many homes; some old, some new, on both coasts.  The photos in this album features a custom home I personally designed and built. I viewed this large project at if I were creating a large piece of sculpture or an art installation, incorporating and integrating both house and gardens. 

The main challenge in this case was how do I connect an older 1950s single story style home with a large new addition, and do it in such an integrated way that it does not look like an addition.  Detailed explanation of this project attached to first picture.

Gary Walker, Designer/Builder


Entry Bridge, Yard and House by GW
Ft Door Entry by GW
Nite Pool and House by GW
House by GW
D R Inside by GW including 8x8 ft huge skylite
Kitchen/DR by GW
MBR by GW w/huge 8x8 Skylite, custom cornice, etc.
Atrium Tower w/Explanation below
Architect/Designer GW
Upper Landing by GW
Custom Floors, etc., by GW
Walnut Stairs by GW
Walnut and Cherry Stairs by GW
Custom Stairs, Railings, Art by GW
35 foot tall Atrium Tower by GW
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